Entopus Amplify is the world's only mission-critical BYOD platform that combines asset management, bulk inventory and serialized goods in an RTLS supply chain RFID solution combining data streams from both hand-held and fixed IoT scanners. One-minute cycle counts and 24/7 hands-off movement tracking are only a fraction of the benefits Entopus AmplifyTM brings to streamlining your business operations and re-purposing your employees to more productive roles.

The combination of the TSL 1128 radio-frequency identification (RFID) handheld Bluetooth reader with the Brady Censys IoT fixed reader puts the best hardware in the business at your service in the most affordable yet powerful system for managing your items from seed to sale, or from overseas manufacturer to your shop, or from your BOM tickets at the receiving dock to finished product. For healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, even government and schools, your organization can not be without this.

We've finally solved previous barriers to RFID for business and have created a practical solution that pays for itself in as little as 2-6 months. We made the technology almost disappear so you can achieve the benefits at low cost and low risk.


  • Improve compliance and reduce losses with the benefits of end-to-end supply chain tracking.
  • RReduce inventory from hours to seconds using RFID, cutting labor costs to a fraction.
  • Reduce costs with affordable subscriptions and add only what you need as the business scales.
  • With a BYOD device, hardware is one-third the cost of proprietary devices with lock-in software.
  • Local data storage on your mobile device enables deferred updates when not in a wifi or cell zone.
  • Easy and inexpensive integration with your existing ERP or MRP systems with local audited data.
  • Find missing tools or critical items quickly with the Geiger-counter feature.


  • Instant "smart" reports during the inventory process; no more jobs, pick tickets, mis-counts.
  • Supports Bluetooth UHF RFID and 1D/2D Barcode Readers (UPC, EAN, ITF, QR Code, etc.)
  • Easily import/export data (locations, assets, bulk items, serial goods) as CSV/Excel.
  • Deferred synchronization allows up to weeks of field operations until within range of wifi or cell.
  • Brady Censys IoT readers are "plug and go", no need for wiring, only a wifi hotspot and electricity.
  • Our kits provide sample tags and everything you need for a successful pilot, lowering risk.
System Diagram